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Rules For Independent Distributors

1. The applicant should be of 18 years and above age to become the Tianshi Distributor. Should be vested with the legal capacity to contract, be competent to independently conduct the business of selling Tianshi product range in India.

2. A Distributor requires a completely, legibly filled out application by an applicant; it becomes a legal agreement as soon as the application has been accepted by Tianshi. Along with this application, the Distributor shall provide a Photo Identification Card issued by any Central or State Government as proof of address and identity and PAN if applicable. Successful applicants will be inducted as the Tianshi Independent Distributor and will be eligible for incentives as per current company policy at the prevalent rate.

3. All the independent Distributors are required to familiarize themselves with the rules and policies of Tianshi business and will undertake mandatory orientation session and information on all aspects of business including remuneration system and expected remuneration for new distributor and have to provide the same information to prospect and existing distributors.

4. Distributors are not required to pay any registration fee, sales demonstration material cost and also not required to purchase any goods or services for an amount/quantity which the Distributor cannot sell or consume as a precondition to become a distributor. All distributors are considered as independent distributors. There is no agency or employment relationship between the Company and any independent distributor.

5. An independent Distributor shall not represent himself/herself as an employee of Tianshi Company on any of his/her stationery.

6. The independent Distributor shall not use the company logo or other such mark pertaining to company's identity in his/her stationery or business card,.

7. The company shall, in no way be responsible for any past, current or future liability of the authorized stockiest incurred in his/her individual capacity while conducting business of selling Tianshi Product Range. Distributor shall have a cooling off period of 30 days to cancel the contract and receive refund if any amount paid. The Distributor shall purchase only that quantity of products which he/she can sell or consume.

8. The independent Distributor shall abide by sales policy and procedure of the company as amended from time to time.

9. The independent Distributor shall purchase the offered Tianshi product range from the company as per distributor price list and sell them to the end-users strictly at the company recommended price only, no deviation there from is permissible under any circumstances whatsoever. The Distributor cannot sell the products at a rate higher than the MRP mentioned on the products.

10. All taxes, duties, government levies applicable to the sales made by the independent Distributor shall be payable by the independent distributor as per the procedure and the law of the land.

11. Independent Distributor shall promote the Tianshi product range in accordance with the contents of Tianshi's printed documents & Business support materials made available by the company and no amendments thereto or revision thereof by the independent distributor is permissible.

12. The independent Distributor shall not sell Tianshi product range to or through retail outlets/shops or ecommerce platform as it is not permitted by the Direct Selling Company's sales policy. The products will be sold through the Tiens Authorised Stores, Branches and Company’s online shopping portal.

13. Distributor is obliged to take back Tiens products sold to final consumers within 30 days of delivery according to the Buy Back policy.

14. The Distributor shall carry the Identification card issued by the Company and will always seek prior appointment with customer for initiation of sale, distributor shall identify himself and the Company provide address, registration, telephone number to customer and would truthfully represent the nature of products in the manner consistent with the claims authorized by the Company.

15. The Distributor would provide accurate and complete explanations and demonstrations of goods, time and place to inspect the sample and take delivery, prices, credit/payment terms, amount to be paid, return policies, terms of guarantee, after-sales service, goods return policy, right to cancel the order, refund policy and complaint redressal mechanism of the company.

16. All the commission or incentives will be based on sale of products only and no commission or incentive is paid for recruitment/enrolment of distributor. All payment shall be credited/paid on monthly basis through bank transfers only. Proper records of all transaction shall be maintained by the Distributors. The Bonus will be paid after deducting expenses due towards the independent distributor's account, TDS and any other Taxes, Duties or levies imposed by the government from time to time.

17. Distributor can terminate the contract at any time by submitting his/her resignation letter. In the event Distributor fail to make any sale for a period of 12 months from the last sale. The Company shall similarly be entitled to terminate the contract by giving him/her 7 days’ notice of the same, in that case the distributor will cease to be recognized as part of Tianshi sales team.

18. Tianshi is at the liberty to amend, modify, change or completely replace its sales policy and the rules and regulations pertaining thereto as its sole discretion at any point of time without recourse to the independent distributor.

19. Distributor shall protect the private information of consumer, be guided by provisions of Consumer Protection Act and comply with Direct Selling Guidelines 2016.

20. Distributor shall not use misleading deceptive or unfair trade practice, nor will misrepresent actual or potential earning/advantage of direct selling nor make any false representation/promise relating to direct selling, earning potential, remuneration system etc. nor will require/encourage other direct seller to purchase goods in unreasonably large amount or any literature sales or training material which is unapproved.

21. The independent Distributor shall abide by the above said policy rules and regulations as amended from time to time.

22. Tianshi guarantees to provide to its independent distributors the product of promised quality complying with the required standards and stipulations reflected on the product and the literature.

23. Tianshi is the final authority to interpret the rules. Regulations, instructions and sales policy applicable to and governing the conduct of the distributor or his business of selling Tianshi product range and its decision in this regard will be final and binding on the distributor.

24. All disputes or differences pertaining hereto or arising here from shall be adjudicated upon by a court of appropriate jurisdiction at Delhi only.

25. Each Distributor, by signing the Distributor application from shall be adjudicated upon by a court of appropriate jurisdiction of Delhi only.

26. The independent Distributor should submit the filled in application and order forms along with payment to our authorized stockiest or Tianshi Branches only.

27. The company reserves the rights to remove / not include any order forms / application forms which is submitted beyond cutoff date, or with incomplete details.

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